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Is this what it's like on the other side of 40?

Is your elbow afraid of picking up the cast iron pot from the stove? Do your feet actively and routinely hide under the covers in anticipation of the first few steps towards the coffee maker? If yes, shockwave may be the answer to these questions.

Feb 23rd, 2022
How it Works to Provide Relief During Pregnancy

When you’re pregnant, you protect your baby, even if it hurts you. But if you’re putting off chiropractic care because you think it’s not safe for your baby, think again. Here’s how chiropractic can help both of you have a better birthing experience.

Mar 13th, 2020
Why Pain Sustained After an Auto Accident Is Often Delayed

A split second of panic, the squealing of brakes, the crunch of metal, the sudden stop — and then the pain. Or not. But just because you don’t feel it right away, doesn’t mean it’s not coming. Delayed pain is common after a crash.

Feb 10th, 2020