Is this what it's like on the other side of 40?

Simply stated, shockwave is becoming the gold standard for non-surgical treatment of many acute and chronic injuries of the body. Plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, golfer's elbow, bursitis and other tendon related injuries of the body are just a few of the many conditions that shockwave is helping individuals with. It ultimately decreases pain and restores function by way of clearing chronic inflammation around the tissues. For a short period of time following treatment, the area is flooded with acute/good inflammation which acts as a clearing agent for the chronic and hard to rid inflammation. The end result is less pain, improved function and resolution of the issue at hand. As a practitioner, shockwave has kept me practicing chiropractic, rock climbing, studying brazilian jiu-jitsu and wrestling with my 3 children for years and counting. See what it can do for you…

Dr. Mike Varnay

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