Muscle Spasms


Everyone experiences the occasional muscle spasm, but chronic muscle spasms can be incredibly painful and disruptive to your normal routines. At V Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Littleton, Colorado, Dr. Michael Varnay uses the latest techniques to relieve muscle spasms and promote a more natural, balanced muscle function. Don’t live with persistent and uncomfortable muscle spasms when there is safe and effective treatment available. Book an appointment online or by phone to begin a path toward improved muscle function.


Muscle Spasms Q & A

What are muscle spasms?

Muscle spasms are sudden muscle contractions that don’t release. They usually don’t last very long. However, some men and women experience muscle spasms that go on for longer periods of time. It’s also possible to experience muscle spasms on a regular basis, a condition known as chronic muscle spasms.

What is the cause of muscle spasms?

There are a number of things that can lead to muscle spasms. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Malfunctioning nerves
  • Dehydration
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Exercising in high heat
  • Muscle trauma
  • Vitamin or mineral deficiency

Muscle spasms can occur in any muscle, but they’re most common in the calf, foot, back, and thigh.

What can chiropractic care do to mitigate muscle spasms?

Joint manipulation is one treatment that can relieve muscle spasms. Just as Dr. Varnay adjusts the joints in your spine, he’s also able to correct misalignments in joints throughout your body. When muscle spasms occur due to improper joint function, joint manipulation can help.

Soft tissue manipulation is another technique that can treat muscle spasms. Through a combination of targeted massage and tissue stretching, your muscles can become more relaxed.

Regular adjustments can go a long way to reduce muscle spasms. When your spine is not in proper alignment, your nerves and soft tissues are placed under pressure. That can cause your nerves to send signals to your brain that lead to involuntary muscle contractions.

Can dry needling help reduce muscle spasms?

Dry needling works by prompting your muscle fibers to twitch, or contract, and then release. That alters the biochemical makeup of the affected muscle tissue, soothing irritation.

You may experience some discomfort during dry needling and a degree of soreness for several days after your session. For many, however, these short-term discomforts are well worth the lasting relief from muscle spasms that dry needling provides.

If you’re troubled by chronic or painful muscle spasms, reach out to Dr. Varnay at V Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to book a visit to discuss the available treatment options.

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