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    "Dr. Mike treats me like a human being with feelings and is very compassionate and patient. Of course, he's also brilliant at helping me with rehabilitation."

    Angela S.
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    "Dr. Mike completely wiped out the massive shoulder and neck pain I was having over a few weeks of dry needling treatments."

    Laura P.
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    "Dr. Varnay has been a Godsend. You will not find a more sincere person to work with. If you’re looking for a chiropractor in the area, I absolutely suggest Dr. Varnay."

    Andrea H.
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    " Dr. V made adjustments and needling that helped me continue with work and not be in as much pain. I highly recommended."

    Nikolina J.
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    "Dr. Mike is professional, friendly and informative. His office offers a relaxing environment. It is clean and well decorated. I highly recommend Dr. Varnay."

    Brooklyn G.
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    "I would recommend Dr. Varnay wholeheartedly to patients and friends alike. He gets to the point, treats you and follows up effectively."

    Nancy H.
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    "Dr. V was amazing. He was personable and professional and better yet, increased my mobility in an instant! I will be back and I will send my friends and family his way."

    Emily M.
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