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Pregnancy places an enormous toll on your body, especially your spine. As you prepare to welcome your child into the world, Dr. Michael Varnay at V Chiropractic and Rehabilitation in Littleton, Colorado, can work with you to help you adjust to the changes that occur during and after your pregnancy. Reach out to Dr. Varnay as soon as you learn you’re expecting. Online scheduling is one option, or you can always contact the office by phone.

Pre and Postnatal Care Q & A

Why seek chiropractic care during pregnancy?

As your baby develops and your body prepares for childbirth, your body goes through many changes. Your abdomen protrudes, increasing the natural curve in your back.

Your posture adjusts to keep pace with those changes, and this can destabilize your spine. At the same time, your pelvis is changing to prepare for the act of giving birth.

All of those changes alter the way your spine functions, leading to discomfort and poor function in many areas of your body. One way that chiropractic care can help during pregnancy is by correcting misalignments in your spine, helping restore balance.

What is a misaligned pelvis?

A misaligned pelvis, also known as an intrauterine constraint, occurs when skeletal misalignments cause muscles and ligaments in your pelvis to become overly tight. That can contort your uterus into an abnormal shape.

When your uterus is twisted or pulled out of the proper configuration, there’s simply less room for your developing baby to move. That can make it harder for your baby to turn into the head-down birthing position.

When a baby remains in a feet-down position in the later stages of pregnancy, it’s known as a breech presentation. If you experience a misaligned pelvis, targeted chiropractic care can help restore proper pelvic positioning and function and can improve your birth experience.

What is the Webster technique?

The Webster technique is a chiropractic method that focuses on addressing subluxations that prevent normal pelvic function. It is not a technique to “turn” a breech baby. Instead, it’s an approach that helps pregnant women have a more comfortable experience throughout their pregnancy.

Sacral subluxation occurs when either or both of the two joints at the bottom of your spine that work to connect your sacrum to your pelvis are misaligned. The condition can create difficulties during labor and delivery. Specifically, uterine nerves can be affected, pelvic misalignment can occur, and the muscles in your pelvis can become overly tight.   

The Webster technique can mitigate sacral subluxation, easing discomfort both during pregnancy and when the time comes to welcome your child into the world.

If you’d like to incorporate chiropractic care into your pregnancy and postnatal care plan, book an appointment to meet with Dr. Varnay and discuss your needs and goals.